Movies Within Which I’d Like to Live | Polanski’s The Ghost Writer (2010)

I want to live in some movies. Like The Ghost Writer. Not to insert myself into the drama, but to enjoy the sets. I suspect Polanski’s been working with the same set designers he worked with on The Ninth Gate. Not being able to work in the U.S. as a result of being “an evil, profligate dwarf” has inspired him to get resourceful and create evocative environments. I think he did this even earlier in Bitter Moon and Death and the Maiden, so maybe it’s just an aesthetic choice and has nothing to do with not being able to film in the States. I also suspect Kubrick was influenced by him in this respect, because the sets in Eyes Wide Shut look like they could have been created by the team that works for Polanski. I could be totally off base, but it seems like the same mind is at work creating the sets for all these movies.

There are many captures below of Adam Lang’s beach house. It’s a real house in Martha’s Vineyard, and the incredible interior is the work of Walter Knoll. However, it’s not just the beach house that is visually sumptuous, but practically every scene in the movie.

Sleek glass elevator with snazzy controls at the Rinehart building.

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_221500.823

The Ghost’s lving room. He must have a name, but I don’t recall it.

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215106.517

Airport bar.

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215210.462

The movie set of The Ghost Writer (released as The Ghost in the United Kingdom) is a stunning beach house in Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts with sleek Walter Knoll interior in a deep muted color palette, but as this was just a set, this dream house remains just a dream; in fact, the movie was not even filmed in America due to the fact that the notorious cult director Roman Polanski was not allowed to enter the country. The political thriller stars Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall and Olivia Williams, but the star of the movie for us was the fictional Prime Minister’s estate. For exterior location shots of the imposing modernist building, a façade was built at Usedom, Germany, and the plush interior shots were done on sets constructed at Babelsberg. Source:


Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215336.685

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215400.693

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215623.731

Bed-and-breakfast shots:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215744.460

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215821.683

Lang’s beach house again:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_215900.871

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220032.566

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220124.672

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220108.885

2010 was a good year for Wallach. He landed two decent roles in Oliver Stone’s Wall Street sequel and here. He was 95 at the time.

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220208.585

Lang’s beach house again. The bath steam acts as a curtain for that window. Still, I’d have pull-down shades installed.

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220236.213

Wooden bathtub:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220303.655

Living room of beach house. Raining outside:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220408.581

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220439.438

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220456.834

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220509.515

I’d love to take a shower in there. But not with him:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220649.590

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220725.674

The next two captures remind me of the amazing ocean footage Polanski achieved in Bitter Moon (which couldn’t have be real):

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220821.772

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220847.653

Paul Emmet’s cozy country house:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220916.716

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_220934.874

Ferry parking lot with a lonely motel in the background:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_221038.646

This would be a nice street to die on:

Ghost Writer, The (2010) - BR.mp4_20130609_221408.405


2 responses to “Movies Within Which I’d Like to Live | Polanski’s The Ghost Writer (2010)

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  2. Susan Suhargo June 3, 2015 at 5:10 am

    my thoughts exactly when I watched that movie! what a house (and wooden bath tub)!

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